Delhi as a Preferred choice for Business Schools

The education system in India is evolving every year, and there are multiple options available for an individual to pursue. Every stream has its advantages and drawbacks, which the aspirants weigh according to their interests and expectations. One of the most lucrative and popular preferences in India when it comes to career-building is business management. Not only does this stream boast of stability, but also of precision and a comfortable future. With the increasing number of top-notch management schools in India and their consistency when it comes to placements in high-paying jobs, there has been a relief amongst students who are looking forward to joining this sector. Leaning towards a vocational training rather than theorising the concepts of management, Post Graduate Diploma Management Course (PGDM) stands as one of the most sought after courses. Rather than just focusing on one element, PGDM is a multifaceted program, aimed at addressing the spectrum of interests in the minds of young students.

Amongst the many upcoming enterprises, business schools in Delhi NCR such as IILM are a force to reckon with. Delhi is a city with multiple political, economic and industrial contexts and thus forms the ideal arena for the most prestigious management schools of the country. With the leading business school campuses, the capital of the nation has proved to be the centre of interest for all business management aspirants. These institutes not only focus on the managerial aspect of the courses they offer but also make sure that there is cross-pollination when it comes to culture and exposure. The institutes are famous for harbouring students from all over the world. They excel in providing the institute-industry-social interface in both Indian as well as global business ventures. Competing with all the global business schools, the colleges of this city boasts of expertise.

Apart from the global cross-pollination, there are many reasons why one should opt for MBA or PGDM courses here. The cluster of business colleges in the city attracts the attention of all the top companies, ensuring excellent placements across financial services, HR Consulting, retail, infrastructure, technology etc. Studying from an established institution in this city such as IILM almost always promises a stable career and a launch pad that will take one places. The unbreakable and well-connected alumnus of the college circuit in this city adds a cherry to the most delectable cake. And one cannot simply ignore the amount of exposure you get in a metro city.

The opportunities here are innumerable, and it is not a wonder that students select this city for their higher studies, especially when it comes to management. Sharing borders with major corporate hubs – Gurgaon and Noida, Delhi NCR houses the leading companies from Global 2000s and Fortune 500s bracket. Due to this, students manage to procure industrial trainings and internships at the best companies instead of migrating in search of one.

Proficiency in various skills like social etiquette, networking, and communication are a part of the curriculum at top MBA programs in Delhi. They help in enabling their students to participate effectively in a globally connected business context via a worldly academic program and inviting guest lecturers from universities abroad to impart wisdom. By the range of extracurricular activities, the students are exposed to events and conferences, keeping them in line with the global scenario. Not only colleges, but Delhi being the political and business hub of India also keeps arranging for multiple conferences, events, lectures and sessions for students to gain nuggets of wisdom from known leaders of corporate industry. This not only helps in gaining knowledge but expanding the consolidated business network that comes in handy during placement period.

Most of the business management institutes in Delhi don’t just focus on the course one has opted; it focuses on the individual – sharpening all the skills one might require in the process of global management and cooperation. For instance, nurtured under the guidance of Ram Krishan and Sons Charitable Trust, with more than two decades of experience and superlative education, IILM has kept the promise of remarkable delivery of services when it comes to quality education and personality development. The business schools in Delhi understand the importance of personal grooming when it comes to professional expertise, and instil the most effective training in their students. The exclusive vocational training along with a diaspora of electives is what sets this city’s colleges apart from the other business schools in the country.