School Expeditions- The School Travel Consultancy

The school expeditions industry is blooming and now many organizations are providing these services. School expeditions are an important part of the school life because students research and learn a lot through such activities. The STC is one of the best and most reliable School Expeditions providers whose mission is to take educational tourism to new heights.

When a school decides to go on an expedition, there are a lot of things that come into the organizer’s minds. Students’ safety and security is of utmost importance and The STC gives priority to the travel modes and comfort of the children. The STC is now a well-known name and most of the teachers and schools choose them for their educational trips and expeditions.

Why Choose The STC?

Whether you’re a parent or a school principal, or a school expedition’s planner, The STC will help you make a successful educational trip for your students. The organization encourages adventures and educational trips so that the children get more confident and social. Going on a trip allows the children to learn more as compared to studying about the things in books. Following are some things that make us unique from other expedition providers:

Safety is most important:

The STC make sure that the customers get the best security and safety measures while going on a trip. They do a thorough risk assessment before booking a trip and make sure that everything is checked beforehand. The organization provides 24 hour crisis report and access to medical support too. The organization has joined hands with PHAROS Response and also made sure that the British Standard 8848 is compliant on all the trips.

School trips and expeditions:

The STC provides a variety of programs to entertain the children such as school expeditions which also include adventure charged overseas exploration and educational journeys that allow the children to learn and explore. The expeditions also include hiking, cycling, camping, and kayak which are perfect for having a fun-filled and adventurous time.

You can also have tailored made expeditions and trips and choose packages accordingly. The STC makes sure that they carry out responsible tourism and improve the educational trips. They believe that travel and educational trips bring positive and refreshing effects on the minds, and children a lot through this. If you’re planning to take your children or students on an educational trip, you must consider The STC.