What to do If You Find Yourself Thinking: I Don’t Really like My Degree

How many teenagers really know what they are going to want to do every day for the rest of their lives? In fact, how many even know what they want to do next week? Not that there is a right or wrong answer to those questions but that is what we are asking of 18 year olds when they head off to college. Pick something that you think you will like and want to do for the next forty years. If you are good at math and have a logical mind, most surveys will point you toward engineering. But what can you do with that degree in four years when you discover that even though you are good with numbers and made it through the engineering program, you don’t want to be an engineer? Click here to learn more about your options in fields that will use your skills but are not as fact based and scientific.

You have a degree as an engineer and you understand the work and the projects but you also want to work with people and have a less technical role. That is the definition of a project manager and more. It is not very common to find an engineering project manager who is deeply fluent in the processes of the actual engineering work. So you will be a rare and valuable find for a firm who needs a top project manager.

If you want to be less hands on and you have the ability to explain detailed and intricate processes in a way that even kids can understand, then being a technical writer is a great way to use your degree and your verbal talent. Most engineers have brilliant minds but they process so quickly that explaining the process to a layman is just not possible. Their minds are five steps ahead of the words coming out of their mouth. But with an engineering degree, you will be able to understand their technical words and thoughts and help to convey their information to the world.

Having an engineering degree but no desire to be an engineer is not a bad thing. Click here to learn more about all of the options that are out there for you.